OPBOM Digital Marketing System
Content Creation

The creation and sharing of relevant, useful and interesting content is one of the factors that will determine the success of our marketing efforts. Is very important that we take the time to plan, optimize and create relevant content according to the specific needs of our target audience. The process of creating, optimizing and sharing content with the purposes of gain visibility and attract qualified traffic and leads is called “Content Marketing”. We need to be putting out content, we need to be publishing on a regular basis, and that's going to bring us great free organic traffic from Google and from other places. Sharing our content on social media will bring us leads, subscribers, customers and ultimately money for our business.

We create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable action. Our content should attract the right people to our site, convert those visitors into leads, and nurture and help close them into customers. But it doesn’t stop there — our content should always delight our customers, turning them into promoters of our brand.

A successful content creation strategy require publishing a lot of content for each buyer persona at different stages of the buyer’s journey. In the part of the Copywriting, we create our sales message, the sales message that will convince our prospects to acquire our products or services, but before we can deliver our sales message, we need to appear in front of them at the exact moment they are looking for information on how to solve their problems or needs and is through the creation and sharing of relevant, useful and educational content, that we will be able to appear in front of them at the right moment.

The content we are going to create, will have different purposes. We are going to create content for our website, landing pages, sales tunnels. Content to share on our social profiles, our blogs and through our newsletters. The creation of all this content is a very time consuming task, for that reason is important that we have a system in place that allows us to generate content ideas and create content quickly and efficiently.

WHAT To Create Content About?

To get ideas of what content to share and what content our target audiences are looking for, we can:

Monitor our competitors’ blogs
Monitor our competitors’ Social Media
Pay attention to the keyword searches in our market
Pay attention to forum discussions in our market
Pay attention to our market’s hashtags on SM
Monitor videos being published in our market
Survey our email list and SM following for ideas
Review news, trends, current events, and industry changes

WHAT Content Format To Use?

It’s best to use a variety of content types -blog posts, FB articles, videos, infographics, Special Reports, white papers, etc.
For each piece of content we’re going to create for our business, we need to decide what format it will be in.
We can also use multiple formats for the same idea/topic.

WHERE To Post Our Content?

Every piece of content needs to be posted somewhere - sometimes we can post to multiple places (i.e. YouTube AND embedded on our blog AND uploaded to FB).
Blog posts are #1 priority, FB Page posts are #2, YouTube videos are #3, Pinterest #4, Instagram #5.
We need to watch what our competitors are doing to get results!

WHEN To Release Our Content?

We need to pre-schedule the release of our content.
We should post a MINIMUM once every 2 weeks.
Once per week is a lot better than every 2 weeks.
2-3 times per week MAX for ‘high value’ content.
Monday/Tuesday is a great day to post.
We need to try and stick to a CONSISTENT schedule.
5AM PST is a great time to post content/email list.
Is important to monitor our audience activity based on time/date.

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