OPBOM Digital Marketing System
Content Curation

The eleven step in our OPBOM Online Presence Building, Optimization & Management system is content curation. Before we start our strategy, is important to take the time to get to know our brand and the people we are trying to reach. Through social-listening techniques, research, and conversations, we identify the information needs of our market.

The process of using content either creating content or curating content is part of the content marketing element of the strategy. Content marketing is the process for developing, executing, and delivering the content and related assets that are needed to create, nurture, and grow a company's customer base. Content marketing is key to successfully cutting through the noise on the internet and getting found online by your future prospects and customers. Making sure your content efforts are a well-oiled machine is critical.

By curating other people content. WE can use other people’s content we can also generate traffic to our website is There are several ways we can use other people’s content or get other people to contribute. We can use other people’s content to create content faster. I We recommend to have about 75 25 split between our own unique content and then content that belongs to other people.

We can also leverage our own users and customers to create content for us. Our audience want us to show them what’s best out there, for their interest, for the topic, for our industry so that is one of the ways that we curate content. For example if we see a great video in our market, even maybe is from a competitor, we can share on Facebook, we can share someone else's video, we can share another news article, someone else’s blog post. A lot of times this can bring us more business.

There are different ways to curate content, whether it's a video, a blog post, an infographic. There are a few different creative ways that we can use other people’s content within our own ways to create content, where we can then of course make new content.

If you are worried about sharing other people’s content, is important that you know that Google will actually reward us for linking out to other people and to other targeted types of themed websites within our industry, so it;s good to link out sometimes.

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