OPBOM Digital Marketing System
Content Sharing

Content sharing is fourteen element of the OPBOM system. Each marketing channel and social media platforms provides a different user experience. Simply copying and pasting the same message across all our marketing channels may save us time, but it doesn’t provide the best experience for our target audience, for that reason is important to modify and share our content according to the characteristics of each channel and platform to make the consumption of our content a pleasant experience for our audience.

Part of the strategy is to share our content in as many places as possible, not only on social media channels. We can also submit our blog posts on sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Chime.in and Newsvine. Everyday people browse those news sites looking for exciting content to discover and share.

Another option is to submit our content to blog directories. Submitting our blog onto a blog directory is an easy way to reach a new audience, build our online reputation and increase brand awareness.

We become a Part of a Super-Niche Community. Niche communities aren’t exactly a new trend. For years people have been joining message boards, forums, or following blogs with a community of like-minded individuals. Engaging with the right community, which will also contain influencers, is a great way to share our content and drive traffic.

We create Previews on Different Channels. The goal is to give audiences from different platforms a taste of your content. For example, you could shoot a 6-second Vine clip that features a link to your article. Hopefully, the video is enough to entice users into clicking the link - which will drive traffic back to your site.

Also we can pin our post to a Pinterest Group Board, upload an image of our post to Instagram, or create an overview on SlideShare. These are all creative ways to grab the attention of different audience members. Another idea is to offer a preview of our post in an email newsletter or even film a teaser and post it to YouTube. No matter which platform we decide on, sharing our post on different outlets in different forms is an excellent way to attract more viewers.

Answer questions on sites like LinkedIn and Quora. Becoming an active member on those sites not only gives us some additional exposure, it can also continue to prove that we’re an authority figure who can be trusted.

We can also respond to a HARO Query. HARO is an extremely useful tool known as Help a Writer Out. We should also be on board with HARO too. “HARO allows reporters in need of sources to submit queries listing the subject matter and/or questions they're writing about. From there, replies from a rich variety of experts are sent straight to the writer's inbox, where they can review the responses and get in touch with the sources who best suit their story.”

If our response is accepted by the journalist, we can get a free PR and quality inbound links that we’ll get in return! In short, it's a quick way to increase referral traffic by simply answering a question.

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