OPBOM Digital Marketing System
19. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of any successful digital marketing campaign. Although social media and mobile marketing have received a lot of attention, email marketing still remains one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. Email marketing may also help boost customer loyalty with your brand, drive business to on- and offline channels, integrate multi-marketing channels, and fuel the growth of social networks.

Here are some email marketing tips to help you get started:

Get subscribers:

Building your customer list is probably one of the most important parts of email marketing

Tips for collecting email addresses:

• Collect emails during your checkout process (in-store or online).
• Collect email addresses at events.
• Promote an online contest – like a free giveaway – through social media and have entrants sign up or submit with their email address.
• Add an opt-in form to the homepage of your website or blog.
• Add an email signup call-to-action as a custom tab on your social media page.
• Partner with a complementary business and have them promote your email newsletter.

One thing to remember: While building your email subscriber list, it is important to make sure that customers/prospects opt in directly to receive communication from your company.

Create email content:

Always put your customers frst by marketing the benefts they will receive from choosing your company’s products or services. You have about three seconds to capture the attention of your readers when they open an email, so keep your emails short and simple.6 Your content should deepen the relationship with your audience by providing them valuable information in a timely manner. And use a company-branded email address (through the domain name you’ve registered) to establish credibility.

Tips to write effective and engaging emails:

• Make sure your brand name is included in the FROM feld.
• Keep subject lines at 35 characters or less (and don’t use all caps).
• Establish the purpose of your email early as it will set the tone for what your subscribers can expect from the communication (i.e., promoting a sale/product, testimonials, running a contest).
• Provide a call-to-action that is clear and enticing.
• Use short sentences and bulleted text.
• Personalize when possible.
• Make sure to always include a link back to your website, social sharing links and/or ‘Forward to a Friend’ options

Knowing when to send:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a scientific method to determine how often you should send, or what day or time will get you the highest engagement rate. The best way to determine these factors is to simply test.

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Select a few different customer subsets in your subscriber list.
2. Establish some baseline metrics, such as times, subjects and content you think will work best.
3. Create and schedule your test emails to the identified subsets.
4. Measure and analyze the results to determine which subsets had the highest engagement rate. What times worked? What content produced results?
5. Take your best test results and replicate - send to the rest of your list that didn’t receive your test emails.

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