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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the four step in our OPBOM Online Presence Building Optimization & Management System. We do a keyword research to find out the most relevant and appropriate keywords for your business.

What people search for online makes up 90% of our Digital Marketing efforts. Keywords are the things that people search on google for to find stuff essentially or search in any search engine online so that the words and phrases that people are actively using to find information to find websites, to find resources on the internet or even to find products. Now keywords are very very important so what people search for online it's going to make up about 90% of your digital marketing efforts.

When people search for something they are ACTIVE prospects. When you target them in other ways, for example Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Google Ads, they are PASSIVE prospects.

There are three important uses for keywords and most companies don't even realize this. The first one is for pay-per-click use: Google AdWords, Bing ads so on and so forth where people are searching for certain keyword phrases in a search engine and then we are going to display ads to those users based on what they search for that's what Google AdWords is all about.

The second important use for keywords is for content marketing or search engine optimization. When we create content, that content is created around a certain keyword phrase, where it's part of the title tag, or it's part of the title of the content for example if there's a special report or an infographic or a blog post or anything we create trying to get traffic from it and trying to have it get ranked in Google or any of the search engines that all comes down to the keyword level and it relates to the keyword.

Most marketers do realize that there's these two important uses for keywords we have pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords and we have content marketing and search engine optimization trying to get ranked in Google but there's a third use that's very very important and often overlooked when it comes to digital marketing and that's what the market is thinking. If we analyze and keep up with keywords in our market, they will tell us what they want to buy, what kind of content we should create for them, the solutions and problems, the solutions that are looking for, the problems that they have, why they need those solutions.

Keyword data is incredibly valuable if we observe what people are searching for in our market, it'll tell us everything we need to know about how to grow our business. It'll tell us how to market to those people. We will know what language they speak. In every market and every culture and every niche they use their own words and phrases and labels and they talk about certain products or certain things that has value to them and it's what they're interested in.

If we learn what those things are. we can target them better, we can use these things in our advertising, in our ad copy, in on our landing pages. All of those things will help us to increase our clicks, lower the cost of our traffic and to increase our relevance.

By observing the keywords that the market is actively searching for, can help us to know what is going on with our market. There are many valuable tools that we can use to monitor our market like Google Trends. Google trends is a valuable tool that can help us keep up with what people are searching for, when they start searching for new things related to our market, new things related to news going on in our market . Knowing all this information gives us a leg up to target those things with search engine optimization before anyone else and it is much easier to rank and get that traffic as well as to run ads to that new segment of the market.

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