OPBOM Digital Marketing System
Market Discovery

Market discovery is the second step in our OPBOM Online Presence Building Optimization & Management System. We do a Market Discovery to know everything we can about our market… where prospects ‘hangout’ online, how to keep up with trends, upcoming keywords, what their latest interests are, and more.

Market Discovery is important because allows us to know:

What the market cares about
What the market wants to buy
What Content to create
What Ad Copy they will respond to
Where they are online

We do market discovery by doing a series of steps that allow us to get information about our market, prospects, and competitors.

We subscribe to all competitors' opt-in email lists.
We survey our email
We monitor up-and-coming keywords with Google Trends.
We set up Google Alerts on all competitors.
We monitor Social Media tags for your market.
We monitor blogs for Content Marketing ideas.
We monitor press releases in your market.
We monitor discussion forums in your market.
We like all Competitor Facebook Pages.
We monitor our Facebook timeline for competitor ads.
We monitor the latest news for your market.

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