OPBOM Digital Marketing System
Social Media Setup

The nine step in our system is the social media setup and optimization. When most people talk about social media marketing, they focus on the ongoing efforts required to build and maintain a healthy following. This is important, as these are the tactics that will lead our strategy to be successful, but they won’t be nearly as effective unless we have a good foundation in place.

All social media strategies need to start with the proper setup and optimization of our social profiles. Our profiles are usually the first thing new users look at, and often dictate how our business appears in the search results, both in and out of their respective apps.

What’s the Purpose of Social Media?

To ENGAGE with some of our target market
To BRAND our products & services and company
To SUPPORT our customers or prospects
To PUBLISH some of our content
To SYNDICATE and link to our web site content
To help others DISCOVER our content & products

Types Of Social Media Posts

Asking A Question
Interesting Images
Educational Content
Entertaining Content
Opinionated Content
Full Content or “Content Teaser”
‘Some’ Sales Promotions & Offers

How To Achieve a Viral Effect?

We ASK People To Share, Like, Follow
We INCENTIVIZE People To Share, Like, Follow

Facebook Tips

Consider OUTSOURCING your Social Media efforts
Tell Stories and share ‘real life’ with your audience
Start Facebook Groups related to your target market
Facebook hates links within posts; Share a link
Try to post 2-3 times per week if not more
Post as your Facebook Page on other people’s posts
Talk about “Mistakes people make” in your market
Share helpful resources
VISUAL gets most attention - videos & images
Post related images WITH content posts
MIX IT UP - post full articles and article teasers
Use 80/20 Rule to post more of top engagement
Create a SERIES around most popular posts
Try posting late at night or “off” hours

Instagram Tips

If you have a “visually appealing” product and/or market use it, if not maybe spend your time elsewhere
Link to an Opt-in Page in your BIO with a CTA
Consider using a URL shorter or redirect for your URL
CROSS-PROMOTE with similar companies
Use up to 3 relevant hashtags but don’t overdo it
Pay close attention to competitors’ posts
In post description “encourage” the CTA in BIO link
Post “share-worthy” photos and videos
Once you see conversions coming from Instagram activity, EXPAND your Instagram efforts.
Buy a Sponsored Post from large follower accounts in your market — reach out to them directly.
Do deals with “Instagram Influencers”… get them to tag your account in their posts and promote you.
If it’s really working well… test advertising on Instagram but be very careful to track ROI

LinkedIn Tips

If YOU are the ‘product’ in your business as an expert, and you sell to a certain industry, consider investing time in LinkedIn marketing — if not, don’t.
Network appropriately with others in your industry.
Attach “Rich Content” to your profile - promote CTA.
Examine competitor profiles for ideas.
Optimize your profile with great copy and keywords.
Participate in discussions and post GREAT CONTENT

Pinterest Tips

If your marketing and/or products are related to a “visually appealing” market then consider investing time into Pinterest efforts. If not, don’t.
Explore Pinterest to see what types of products are the most popular — if what you sell is, go for it!
Write compelling, keyword-driven, SHORT descriptions
Pin items multiple times per day
Follow Pinterest suggestions - no hashtags, no promotional language, no CTA mentioning
Vertical pins work best — 600px wide x 900px tall
800px wide x 1200px tall, 600px wide x 2100px tall
400px wide x 2800px tall
Overlay compelling copy onto images
VERIFY your web site with Pinterest

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