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Hello My Name is Jose Nino and I am a Digital Strategist with over 20 years of experience in the development of effective digital marketing, advertising and eCommerce strategies. Through all these years I have had the opportunity to work with companies and businesses from different industries and different parts of the world, helping them to unlock exponential growth in their businesses, sales, and revenue through the development of effective digital marketing strategies and systems.

I can help your company with the development of a successful digital marketing strategy and system. If you want to know more about my digital marketing system, you can visit my website at https://thedigitalstrategist.me/Digital-marketing-systems.html or you can contact me by email at [email protected]

Today, the vast majority of businesses are failing with their digital marketing efforts.

Today, the vast majority of businesses are failing with their digital marketing efforts. You may have noticed that traditional marketing strategies doesn’t work as well as it used to. Maybe it’s because of all the marketing and advertising noise that bombards us from everywhere, or because consumers nowadays are a lot more media-savvy than before. Whatever the reason, your company needs to start doing marketing differently if you do not want to see your company stay behind and be dominated by smarter companies who know how to benefit from the Internet, social networks and the new technologies of the information and telecommunications to achieve visibility and position themselves in the marketplace.

The reason why most companies are failing in their marketing activities is because they lack a defined digital marketing strategy, Lack of effective digital marketing system and they treat all their prospects the same way, regarding their stage in the buying process. Most companies take a broad approach, trying to appeal to anybody and everybody, hoping something will stick.

Every business, regardless of its industry or the type of product or service it offers, needs an effective digital marketing strategy tailored to the specific needs of their target markets. A digital marketing strategy is the route map that will help the company to go from where it is right now to where it wants to be in the market.

I have created an effective digital marketing system called OPBOM “Online Presence Building, Optimization & Management. The main objective of OPBOM is to help companies build, optimize and manage effective online business presence that allows them to acquire visibility, differentiate from the competition and increase its sales and revenue quickly and effectively.

OPBOM Digital Marketing System is composed of 20 main elements that are integrated together to develop a strong and successful online business presence. These elements are:

01. Target Market Identification
02. Market Discovery
03. Competitive Intelligence
04. Keyword Research
05. Copywriting
06. Website Setup
07. Search Engine Optimization
08. Blog Setup
09. Social Media Setup
10. Content Creation
11. Content Curation
12. Content Optimization
13. Content Publishing
14. Content Sharing
15. Content Syndication
16. Content Amplification
17. Traffic Generation
18. Lead Generation
19. Email Marketing
20. Monitoring

Target Market Identification
Identifying our target market is the first step in the online presence building process. This process is to identify the group of prospects that would most likely buy/need your products & services. This includes demographics (age, gender, location, income, occupation, etc.) as well as interests & hobbies.

Market Discovery
Market discovery is the second step in our OPBOM System “Online Presence Building Optimization & Management”. We do a Market Discovery to know everything we can about our market… where prospects ‘hangout’ online, how to keep up with trends, upcoming keywords, what their latest interests are, and more.

Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence is the third step in our OPBOM System “Online Presence Building Optimization & Management”. We do a competitive analysis intelligence to know everything we can about our competitors.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is the four step in our OPBOM System “Online Presence Building Optimization & Management”. We do a keyword research to find out the most relevant and appropriate keywords for your business.

What people search for online makes up 90% of our Digital Marketing efforts. Keywords are the things that people search on google to find stuff essentially or search in any search engine online so that the words and phrases that people are actively using to find information to find websites, to find resources on the internet or even to find products. Now keywords are very very important so what people search for online it’s going to make up about 90% of your digital marketing efforts.

Copywriting is the five step in our OPBOM System “Online Presence Building Optimization & Management”. Copywriting is absolutely critical to your Digital Marketing success because it’s the WORDS that sell! Great copy is all about expressing the benefits of a product or service and NOT the features.
We will use copy on all the pages of our web site!, in the Opt-in Form Pages, In the emails we send to our list, in all the posts we make for Social Media, in our Google ads, FB Ads, and any other ads! On all sales pages or sales videos and also in the HTML Title Tags for SEO purposes.

Website Setup
Website setup is the six-step in our OPBOM System “Online Presence Building Optimization & Management”. Having a website for your business is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online, but it is important to have a properly optimized and mobile website, because, in today’s business environment, our website can either make or break a sale.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the seven-step in our OPBOM System “Online Presence Building Optimization & Management”. In today’s competitive world, search engine optimization is more important than ever and it is necessary for every company to understand the true meaning of SEO as well as the potential it creates for every business. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.

Blog Setup
The eight-element in our system is the configuration and optimization of the business’s blog. A blog is a long-term marketing asset that will bring traffic and leads to our business. It introduces us as a thought leader in our space and allows us to earn people’s trust.

Business blogging helps us to rank our website in search engines and get found when people search for industry-specific products or services. Thus, a blog enables us to attract organic traffic and familiarize people with our business. The more blog posts we publish, the more indexed pages we create for search engines to display in their results. Regardless if we are a small business or a multinational company, blogging is an integral part of our digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Setup
The nine-step in our system is the social media setup and optimization. When most people talk about social media marketing, they focus on the ongoing efforts required to build and maintain a healthy following. This is important, as these are the tactics that will lead our strategy to be successful, but they won’t be nearly as effective unless we have a good foundation in place.

Content Creation
The creation and sharing of relevant, useful and interesting content is one of the factors that will determine the success of our marketing efforts. Is very important that we take the time to plan, optimize and create relevant content according to the specific needs of our target audience. The process of creating, optimizing and sharing content with the purposes of gain visibility and attract qualified traffic and leads is called “Content Marketing”.

We need to be putting out content, we need to be publishing on a regular basis, and that’s going to bring us great free organic traffic from Google and from other places. Sharing our content on social media will bring us leads, subscribers, customers and ultimately money for our business.

Content Curation
The eleven step in our Online Presence Building, Optimization & Management is content curation. Before we start our strategy, is important to take the time to get to know our brand and the people we are trying to reach. Through social-listening techniques, research, and conversations, we identify the information needs of our market.

The process of using content either creating content or curating content is part of the content marketing element of the strategy. Content marketing is the process for developing, executing, and delivering the content and related assets that are needed to create, nurture, and grow a company’s customer base. Content marketing is key to successfully cutting through the noise on the internet and getting found online by your future prospects and customers. Making sure your content efforts are a well-oiled machine is critical.

Content Optimization
With the content optimization part of our strategy and system, we use the most appropriate keywords to optimize our content, and we incorporate these keywords in the Title Tag, Meta Description, Page Title, URL, Heading, Body Copy, and Image Alt of our content.

Content Publishing
Through the content publishing part of the strategy, we are looking to provide valuable information to our audience as a means of attracting attention, generating leads and sales, and building brand awareness and credibility.

Specifically, there are three key reasons — and benefits — for businesses to do content publishing:

Increased sales
Cost savings
Better customers who have more loyalty.

Content Sharing
Content sharing is fourteen element of the OPBOM system. Each marketing channel and social media platforms provides a different user experience. Simply copying and pasting the same message across all our marketing channels may save us time, but it doesn’t provide the best experience for our target audience, and for that reason is important to modify and share our content according to the characteristics of each channel and platform to make the consumption of our content a pleasant experience for our audience.

Content Syndication
Content Syndication is fifteen element of the OPBOM system. Sharing your content with others increases your reach and brand awareness. It can also drive traffic back to your owned channels, generate newsletter subscribers, or increase your followers on social media.

Some of the benefits of Content Syndication are:

Distribute your original content to new sites, channels, and networks.
Fill content gaps.
Become a thought leader in your field.
Diversify your content.

Content Amplification
Content amplification is Sixteen element of the OPBOM system. Through content amplification, we increase the value of your content and reach the largest audience possible by amplifying it on channels where potential customers are already engaged.

Some of the benefits of Content Amplification are:

Grow your audience
Target the right people
Build high-quality traffic
Acquire more customers

Traffic Generation
Traffic Generation is the seventeen element of the OPBOM system. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have leads, & if you don’t have leads, you don’t have customers and if you don’t have customers you don’t have sales and don’t have revenue. For that reason is important to have an effective traffic generation strategy and system in place.

There are 3 fundamental elements involved in traffic generation

Blogging: This is the best way to generate traffic to your website.
SEO: This is how you ensure people are finding you on search engines.
Social Media: This is how you network with your ideal buyer online.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation is the eighteen element of the OPBOM system. Getting people to your website is just the first step in the Inbound marketing process. As a business owner, you are probably not as concerned about how many people come to your website as you are about how many leads are coming from your website.

There are 3 key elements to lead generation:

Calls-to- Action: These are buttons or links that encourage the visitor to take action.
Landing Pages: These are the pages where prospect submits information that your sales team can use.
Contacts database: This is where the information that prospects submit is stored, and consumer intelligence is built.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of any successful digital marketing campaign. Although social media and mobile marketing have received a lot of attention, email marketing still remains one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. Email marketing may also help boost customer loyalty with your brand, drive business to on- and offline channels, integrate multi-marketing channels, and fuel the growth of social networks.

Monitoring is the twenty element of the OPBOM system. By monitoring our marketing activities and analyzing the results and data obtained, we can correct, improve and make changes in our strategies with the objective of obtaining the best results.

If you want to learn more about how I can help your organization to increase sales and revenue through an effective digital business, marketing, advertising & eCommerce strategy and system, please contact me by email at [email protected]

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